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For other new and used CDs and tapes, sold by me directly, and full ordering details, go to CDs & TAPES. Go to CDs PAGE 2 for main index to all CDs available from this website and cross-reference for CDs containing SOURCE MUSIC FOR CIRCLE DANCES.

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BOB MINNEY - NEW CDs - mail order prices exclude shipping. UK shipping for a single CD is £1.45 second-class post, or £1.65 shipping for first-class post; full ordering details for cheque payments, and online bank transfers (BACS), at CDs & TAPES. Sorry, I cannot currently do credit card sales on these, for reasons to do with my agreement with my payment processor, which is primarily for aromatherapy sales.

These CDs are produced by Bob, i.e. they are not commercially pressed or released through a third-party record label.

SENSITIVE CHAOS. Excellent music and songs about the Gulf Stream, the water cycle and the life that depends on it. Although not originally conceived as a dance album, at least 6 Circle Dances have now been choreographed to tracks from the CD, including two by me - see Ocean Turn Again and Veriditas on the Dance Videos page. £11.50 plus shipping. Tracklist and sound samples below.

. Bob's interpretation of some traditional tunes. Long versions of Harsaneek and Atahuallpa (over 15 minutes each) plus 4 tracks that were previously released on Circle Dance Tunes (that CD is no longer available). £11.50 plus shipping. Tracklist and sound samples below. OUT OF STOCK 04.5.17

ODYSSEY (with brief dance notes, usually sent by email). Bob's own music - a "Greatest Hits" compilation from earlier cassette releases, plus Heartsong. All instrumental. £11.50 plus shipping. Tracklist and sound samples below. OUT OF STOCK 31.5.16

LIFECYCLE. Songs and music marking the seasons of the year. £11.50 plus shipping. Tracklist and sound samples below. Dance steps booklet available separately - not sure at present if you get these direct from Bob or not, arrangements may be changing. This website has dance notes for my choreographies to Clear Air And Tall Clouds, and The Leap (NB steps to Sunnara Vivian's dance for this track are in the steps booklet).

OUTER SANCTUM Volume 1. Bob's new (2013) CD - a single CD, replacing the double CD "Cloaked In Swiftness" issued earlier. Contains some tracks from that CD plus some new ones. Tracklist below. If you want to buy online, email me and I'll send you a link, pending me setting it up for normal online sales. £11.50 plus shipping. OUT OF STOCK 25.7.16


TRACK LISTINGS - mp3 audio files are short extracts (around 1 minute in most cases) at 96 or 128 Kbps.


01 Abundant Void 1.59
02 Bring Life Anew Pt1  3.47  Listen mp3
03 The Sun And The Delta  7.57  Listen mp3
04 Bright Arc  2.51
05 The Visitation  3.07
06 Swift...Earthbound  2.41
07 Veriditas  3.18  watch dance video
08 Tears Of The Mother  4.22  Listen mp3
09 Deep Realm, Breathing Slowly  1.56 
10 Held In The Circle  6.15  Listen mp3
11 Waves Reach Up  3.33
12 The Mystery  0.39
13 Bring Life Anew Pt2  3.51  watch dance video (dance is titled "Ocean Turn Again")
14 Summer Fall  4.05


1- Harsaneek (Armenia) 16.55  Listen mp3
2- Babla Khan* (Kurdish) 8.54  Listen mp3
3- Shepherd's Dance* (France) 6.25
4- Dudalas* (Hungary, dance by Allyn Edwards) 7.35  Listen mp3
5- Atahuallpa (S. America, dance by John Self)  15.13  Listen mp3
6- Twilight* (Israel, dance by Paul Boizot) 6.42 

* track previously released on Circle Dance Tunes.


1- The Fall Of The Tyrant 5.01
2- Skylark 4.48  Listen mp3
3- Izzare 3.27
4- March Hare 4.32
5- Elves Of The Valley 3.01
6- Touqua Mahouka
7- Galibante 4.34
8- Migration 5.34  Listen mp3
9- Uprising 5.30  Listen mp3
10- Wave Of Love (instrumental) 5.41
11- Dawn Wind 6.51
12- Leviathan Journey 5.58  Listen mp3
13- Homecoming 4.52
14- Heartsong 6.04


1- Ice Spirit
2- The Child Awakes
3- Rise Again
4- Gate Opens
5- Reborn In The Light
6- The Leap  Listen mp3
7- Free Spirit
8- Be Uplifted
9- The Blessing
10- Cradle Of The Sun  Listen mp3
11- Clear Air and Tall Cloud  Listen mp3
12- Harvest Queen
13- All Her Gifts
14- The Turning Year
15- Descent
16- Leaf Flight
17- Gate Closes
18- Ancestral Calling  Listen mp3
19- Solace
20- Vigil  Listen mp3


1    Moving Between The Worlds (Part One)
2    Stepping Down Through Velvet
3    Accumulus
4    Invisible Dreamer
5    Away
6    Something I Recall
7    Microflight
8    Macroflight
9    Fire And Ice Touchdown
10   Moving Between The Worlds (Part Two)

Synonyms (or misspellings) for dance names;

Bablekhan - Bablakhan
Bapardes - Ba Pardes
Dudalas - Dudulas
Hora Hadera - Hora Hedera
Hora Miresei - Hora Miresii
Izzare - Azzare
Leviathan Journey -Leviathon Journey
Twilight - this is the name of the dance (my choreography), the music is Rikud Hashabbat.

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