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Legnala Dana zaspala, lele Boze
Vo edna mala gradina
Vo edna mala gradina, lele Boze
Pod edno drvo maslinka

Poduvna veter od more, lele Boze
Potkrši granka maslinka
Potkrši granka maslinka, lele Boze
Udri mi Dana po lice

Vikna mi Dana da place, lele Boze
Oh lele mene do boga
Što bev si slatko zaspala, lele Boze
I sladok son si son uvav

Na son dojdoja tri ludi, lele Boze
Tri ludi, tri adžamii
Prvi mi dade zlat prsten, lele Boze
Drugi mi dade jabolko
Drugi mi dade jabolko, lele Boze
Trete mi mene celuna

Toj što mi dade zlat prsten, lele Boze
Niz nego da se provira
Toj što mi dade jabolko, lele Boze
Zelan da bide do groba
Toj što me mene celuna, lele Boze
So nego da se vekuvam

Dana lay down, fell asleep, O God,
in a little garden, under an olive tree.
The wind blew from the sea;
it broke an olive branch; it hit Dana on the face.
Dana cried out and began to weep - Oh dear me, gosh darn,
I had fallen asleep so sweetly and was dreaming a sweet dream.
In the dream three wild youths came, three wild youths, three untried youths;
the first gave me a gold ring; the second gave me an apple; the third 
kissed me
The one who gave me a gold ring, may I slip by him;
the one who gave me an apple, may he remain green (immature) to the grave;
the one who kissed me, may I spend my life with him.

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