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Macedonian Rom (Gypsy). Used by Steve Kotansky for Indiiski čoček. 

// Me phirava, daje mori //
// me phirava po sokakja
terno, daje, rovava //
ah, ah, ah, Devla be

// Eke kotar kaj avela //
// ej ternori, ej bučarni
ej bučarni, čorori //
ah, ah, ah, Devla be

// Mo dadoro mulo terno //
// amen ačiljam duidžene
duidžene čorore //
// ah, ah, ah, Devle be //

I travel, mother, down small paths, I'm young, mother, I cry, Oh God. She
(the mother) came over here, young, industrious, poor, Oh God. My father
died young, we two were left poor, Oh God.
Macedonian Rom song, sung by Memed Sulejmanov with Muarem Sakipov on
tambura, arranged by Pece Atanasovski. Jugoton EPY 3918.

Source; Carol Silverman, e-mail to eefc list. She commented "my hunch is that the four arrangements recorded on this 45 do not represent a traditional musical genre, but were rather created by Pece by putting a Romani singer together with a tambura player in the studio. The songs themselves are likely traditional but I've never heard this type of tambura/vocal arrangement anywhere else among Macedonian Roma except on this record".

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