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Macedonia, Bulgaria. Dance - Lesnoto

/ More sokol pie voda na Vardaro. /

Chorus: / Jane, Jane le belo grlo. /

/ More oj sokole, ti junačko pile, /

/ More ne vide li, junak da premine? /

/ Junak da premine s devet ljuti rani? /

/ S devet ljuti rani, site kuršumliji. /

/ A deseta rana s nože probodena. /

The falcon drinks water from the Vardar.
Oh Jana, white-throated Jana.
O falcon, hero's bird,
Have you not seen a hero go past?
A hero go past with nine angry wounds?
Nine angry wounds, all from bullets,
and a tenth wound, stabbed with a knife.

Source; MIT Folk Dance Club Songbook 

ANOTHER VERSION - Macedonian website, lost the URL.

More sokol pie, Voda na Vardarot.

Chorus; Jane, Jane le belo grlo
Jane, Jane le krotko jagne.

More oj sokole, Ti junachko pile.

More neli vide, Junak da pomine,
Junak da pomine, S'devet luti rani.

Junak da pomine, 'devet luti rani,
S'devet luti rani, Site kurshumlii.

A destta rana, So no` probodena.

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