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Israel. See below for Yiddish original.

Mitachat lasela tzomachat lefele 
Rakefet nechmedet me'od 
Veshemesh mazheret nosheket oteret 
Oteret la keter varod 


Rakefet rakefet tzipor metzaftzefet 
Hatzitzi ach rega elai 
Rakefet nehederet basela nisteret 
Nisteret minefesh kol chai 


Yatz'a im haruakh bat-sheva lasuach
Haya az haboker bahir
Kol Tzemach kol perach osefet baderech
Ufiah ach zemer vashir


Misela vageva yoredet Bat sheva 
Rakefet chen al hechaze 
Tzipor metzaftzefet veruach lotefet 
Vesof kvar lazemer haze 


Yiddish original (written by Zalman Shneur)

In veldl baym taykhl do zenen gevaksn, 
margaritkelekh elnt un kleyn. 
Vi kleyninke zunen mit vayzinke shtralen, 
mit vayzinke tra-la-la-la 

Gegangen iz Khavele shtil un farkholemt, 
tselozn di gold blonde tsep. 
Dos heltsl antbloyzt un germurmlt gezungen, 
a lidele tra-la-la-la 

Do kumt ir antgegn a bokher a sheyner, 
mit lokn mit shvartse vi pekh. 
Er flamt mit di oygn un entfert ir luztik, 
un entfert ir tra-la-la-la 

Vos sukhstu do meydl ? Vos hastu farloyrn ? 
Vos vilstu gefinen in vald ? 
Ikh zukh margaritkes, farroytlt zikh Khavele, 
farroytlt zikh tra-la-la-la 

Du zukhst nokh, un ikh hob shoyn take gefinen, 
di sheynste margaritke in vald. 
A margaritke mit tsep un mit oygn zafirn, 
mit eygelekh tra-la-la-la 

O los mikh, men tor nisht, di mame zogt men 
tor nisht, di mame iz alt un iz beyz. 
Vu mame, vos mame ? Do zaynen nur 
beymer, nor beymelekh tra-la-la-la 

Du libzt mikh...ikh lib dikh. Du shemzt zikh, 
ikh shem zikh. Oy lib mikh un shem zikh un shvayg. 
Un ze vi ez mishn zikh pekhshvartse 
kroyzn mit goldene tra-la-la-la 

Di zun iz fargangn, der bokher farshvundn, 
un Khavele zitst nokh in vald. 
Zi kukt in der vaytnz un murmlt farkholemt 
dos lidele tra-la-la-la 

The daylight is dawning, the birds are all singing
The flowers have opened their eyes
And all living creatures are praising the morning
With faces turned up to the sky

The shy fragrant flowers that grow by the river
Are hiding their beauty from sight
A pretty young maiden is searching for blossoms
For blossoms to match her blue eyes
For blossoms to match her blue eyes

A handsome young player with his flock all around him
Sits watching from under a tree
"o please may I help you to find what you're seeking
you'll find none more willing than me"

"Come give me your hand and we'll walk by the river
the fairest of flowers to choose
Come give me your heart and we'll go on forever
Whatever you wish shall be yours"
"Whatever you wish shall be yours"

The flowers are watching and nodding and smiling
They know what has happened before
What young lovers thought they have found in each other
And flowers are forgotten once more


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