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Israel - Gift. Presumably modern - composer?

A'olel cagefen she'arit harachash
Ve'eshlach mincha lach mizmerat libi
Kol sheyad ha'etzev lo ekra mishoresh
Ukedim hazam lo shadaf od bi

Arafed hateneh zichronot kinneret
Vered shmai haboker bein atzey hagan
Zehav hatzohorayim bamerchav roge'ah
Velilach ha'erev al harei golan

Zechor layl hasahar el chelkat hamyim
Zo tru'at ha'osher ba'erov yemei
Zo tru'at ha'osher ba eksher hateneh
Ve'eshlach eilecha hatismach lashai

I will suckle like a vine the rest of the whisper
And I will send you a gift from the music of my heart
Everything the hand of sadness didn't pluck from the root
And the wind of anger did not dry up in me yet.

I will layer the basket with memories of the Kinneret
The rose of morning among the garden's trees
The gold of noon is peaceful in the wide open space
And the lilac of evening on the Golan Mountains.

The memory of a moonlit night on the water
This is the call of happiness in the twilight of my life
This is the call of happiness with it I will tie the basket
And I will send to you. Will you be happy with the gift?

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