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Sephardic Jewish. Circle Dance choreography by Paul Boizot. Alternative spellings "Una Matiza De Ruda", "Una Matika De Ruda".

Una matica de ruda
Una matica de flor
Hija mia mi querida
Dime a mi quen te la dio

Me la dio un mancevico
Que di mi s'enomoro

Hija mia mi querida
No t'eches a la perdicion
Mas vale un mal marido
Que un mancevo de amor

Mal marido, la mi madre
Un pilisco y la maldicion
Mancevo de amor, la mi madre
Una mansana y el buen limon


A sprig of rue, a flowering sprig
My dear daughter, tell me, who gave it to you

It was given me by a lad who fell in love with me

My dear daughter, don't fall into ruin
It's better to have a bad husband than a young lover

A bad husband, mother, is a pinch and a curse
A young lover, mother, is like a (ripe) apple and a (fragrant) lemon 

Source; Shana Winokur at

Another comment from “This, one of the most popular of all Sephardic wedding songs, has survived in nearly all the Sephardic colonies, with very diverse tunes. All of the different versions feature one basic element which never changes: the wine rue twig, which deflects the "evil eye" and is therefore meant to bring the newly weds luck.”

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