waves at the beach


I have put a lot of time into photography since early 2020. I now have shops on (a Fine Art America outlet) and Redbubble. and Redbubble are print on demand sites, shipping worldwide. You can buy prints of the photos, and cards too, but they can also be printed on to clothing, cases for phones, tablets and laptops, coasters, shower curtains, duvet covers, clocks and more. On Redbubble, some photos make interesting patterns when tiled in various ways.

On both sites, you can either view the products in the shop, or just view the original photos at no charge just to look, of course!

The photographs include Greece & other travel, trees & plants, cliffs & rocks, land and seascapes...and more trees! I also like natural scenes, objects, close-ups or sections that appear like abstract designs. I am also using software to produce abstract or other non-natural pictures, black and white edits, and painting or sketch effects. has more of my latest work, and a wider range of print sizes. It also has digital image downloads/image licensing. Clothing is limited to t-shirts. Redbubble has more clothing, including leggings, A-line dresses, chiffon tops and more. Some of these work very well when patterned. Both sites have shower curtains, mugs, tote bags, carry pouches and more, but Redbubble probably has a wider range of household items and accessories. I can upload any of the images that are on one site, to the other site, if you want that image on a particular item or in a special print size, or if it costs less to ship to your location on one site.

I also have a site on Picfair but it includes very little of my latest work and is for photo prints and digital downloads/image licensing only - no clothes or household items.

SHIPPING both sites have production facilities in various countries. For UK customers, some but not all items are shipped from UK or elsewhere in Europe, but some products only come from the USA. Cards and prints do come from the UK on both sites. For USA customers, most or all items are produced and shipped within the USA. More exact information for each product is available on each site - I expect to post links or more detail here later.

I welcome any feedback - it is good to know which photos people like the most. You are of course welcome to browse all the sites without any intention of buying.

I also have a Pinterest photography page. I do have an Instagram though I have not been posting much up there yet.

HERE ARE A FEW SAMPLE PHOTOS - at much lower resolution for this website.

Hob Moor trees York Railway Pond
winter silhouettesLefkada winter silhouettes
Greek islandnight cafes waves and sea

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contact me on: 01904 621510
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