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Supplier of essential oils, massage oils, skin creams, base cream, carrier oil; retail, trade, wholesale; York, North Yorkshire, UK; mail order.


This page is for trade and wholesale aromatherapy sales only - mail order by internet banking, cheque, or postal order, or for local collection, or pay by credit card or PayPal online at a link that I will send you after we have agreed your order.



I am a sole trader selling on a small scale. I have already been running down stocks of essential oils over a long period, with a view to retiring from this business later on, so as I sell out of a particular oil, I will delist it. I have stocks of base cream to make up my skin creams for now.  So I am continuing to trade for now, but with these changes;
1. I will not post overseas for now, as I cannot know which postal services will continue to operate. So it's UK ORDERS ONLY.
2. small orders of essential oils - maybe up to 6 bottles, mainly 10ml and 5ml sizes, possibly including one or two 25ml sizes - will fit in a local post box, and will be dispatched as normal.
3. skin creams and bigger orders of essential oils have to go to a post office. I will not be going out so often to do this. So it may be longer than usual before these orders go out - maybe a few days or even up to a week, depending on how the situation develops.


For retail sales, please go to the ONLINE SHOP for credit card sales with shopping cart (sorry, no debit cards). For retail mail order with payment by internet banking, cheque or postal order, or local retail orders for collection, go to PRICE LISTS.



Trade (wholesale) prices are available to; qualified therapists; to shops, clinics or others wishing to sell on; to colleges and training schools; to hospitals; and to student members of recognised professional organisations e.g. ISPA. If you do not come into these categories, but can generally get trade prices elsewhere, then you probably will from me too. Proof of status may be required.

NB I can not take credit or debit cards over the telephone.


I aim to supply good quality oils at reasonable prices. I have a minimal (or hostile) approach to packaging and "image". I re-use packaging, use basic labelling, and avoid glossy brochures. I  sell on price and quality of the oils, and a straight and open attitude. 

I won't try to sell to you on the grounds that aromatherapy is mystical, or that the ancient Egyptians practised it, or that my oils are from a "first distillation" (aren't all good essential oils?).

My turnover is below the threshold for  VAT, which helps keep the prices down.

I am also a teacher of courses in aromatherapy and other subjects, and formerly a practising aromatherapist - see main AROMATHERAPY and COURSES pages for more details. 

MAIL ORDER (UK) - see below for OVERSEAS

Mail order TERMS (TRADE); minimum order £20.00 excluding P&P, or 5 bottles neat essential oil. No minimum for orders collected in person. All prices given in £UK. Prices, sources, and oils available may change without notice. I am not VAT-registered. Contact details are at bottom of page. Payment; email me for my bank details if you want to pay by sterling bank transfer (BACS); or send cheques or postal order, payable to Paul Boizot; or e-mail me and I can send you a link to a website page for one-off credit card payments (Visa or Mastercard).


If in doubt about your order, email or ring me for a quote for carriage.


UP TO 1Kg including packaging (this will definitely cover up to seven 5ml or 10ml bottles of essential oil. It would probably cover up to 400ml of massage oils, creams, etc. plus containers and packaging, including a couple of 10ml bottles too - contact me to check, if order is near or over that quantity);

1ST CLASS POST   £3.85

OVER 1Kg including packaging;
ROYAL MAIL OR MYHERMES  COURIER  1-2 Kg £3.85 2nd class, £5.75 1st class.

OVER 2Kg - contact me for a quote.

MAIL ORDER (OVERSEAS). E-mail me with details of your order and I will reply telling you the postage charges. Payment is by cheque in sterling (GBP); or for small orders you can send me cash (Euros or GBP) by post; or email me for my bank details if you want to pay by sterling bank transfer (BACS). Alternatively,  e-mail me and I can send you a link to a website page for one-off credit card payments  (Visa or Mastercard). I do not ship to the USA.

QUANTITIES; Some larger sizes, especially of expensive or less common oils, may not always be available from stock. DROPPERS; my own-label oils have internal droppers in a range of 3 different hole sizes, avoiding many of the problems of oils pouring too quickly or slowly.

SAFETY; see separate page for safety info - make sure that you know what you are doing when using oils!

ESSENTIAL OILS; I have not listed country of origin (though my bottle labels usually do); do e-mail me with any queries. All oils come from suppliers to the professional aromatherapy trade (as opposed to perfume or fragrance trade, or non-specialist shops).

MEDICINES ACT & MASSAGE OILS & CREAMS; I can supply any preparation  to clients who have consulted me, but should not supply over-the-counter preparations which appear to claim to help medical problems. So I list creams for dry skin, but not eczema or psoriasis; for "muscles and joints" but not arthritis. If you want any unlisted item, contact me. Items can be made up to order (subject to minimum order).


Neat oils and carriers (prints 2 pages A5 portrait)
.pdf   .xls

Massage oils and creams (2 pages A5 landscape)
.pdf   .xls

NEWS in brief - for details and earlier items go to the AROMATHERAPY NEWS page.

21.05.18 21.05.18 SPECIAL OFFER I don't like promotions - I think this is the first one in my 27 years of selling part of winding down my business (see below), I am offering BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on the following oils. Buy two get the lower priced one free on benzoin, citronella, clary sage, clove bud, ravensara organic, tea tree organic, thyme. DISCOUNTS may be available on other oils (not lavender, myrrh or Indian frankincense).

21.05.18 I no longer offer 30ml sizes of skin creams - they are not very economical to make and post, and I have come to the end of a bulk package of the empty jars, so this seems a good time to stop. Also I am slowly beginning to scale down/wind down the business anyway - I am 65 now and have my state pension, and have been concentrating more on dance and adult education for some time. Also sales have declined, particularly as a shop that stocked my oils went out of business, and I rarely teach aromatherapy courses now, so I do not have students who want oils. As some less popular oils sell out, I am taking them off the price lists. I don't have a set timescale for this.

08.11.14 I have also opened a retail online aromatherapy shop on Etsy, so far selling essential oils and a few of the skin creams. If you already use the shop here on my website, the Etsy shop won't offer you anything extra, and in fact the product range is much smaller. But if you have friends who shop on Etsy already, and feel safer using their site and procedures, they may be interested.

Basil Organic Ocimum Basilicum     4.60 13.90
Cardamom Elettaria Cardamomum

Citronella Cymbopogon Nardus     1.75 3.75
Clary Sage  Salvia Sclarea     3.40 7.20
Clove Bud Eugenia Caryophyllata
1.85 2.50
Geranium Bourbon Pelargonium Graveolens     4.50
Ginger Zingiber Officinale   1.80 3.20  
Lavender Organic French  Lavandula Angustifolia     3.95 10.20
Myrrh Commiphora myrrha   4.95 9.80  
Oregano (see safety note) Origanum Vulgare (Spanish)     2.70 5.90
Patchouli Pogostemon Cablin     3.20 7.30
Peppermint Organic Mentha Piperita     2.80 6.20
Ravensara Organic Cinnamomum Camphora var. cineol (see note).     6.60 13.60
Tea Tree Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia     2.20 4.60

50ml - 8.00 100ml - 14.00 250ml - 31.50

Thyme Thymus Vulgaris     3.50 6.40

(essential oils, in moisturising cream base - click for ingredients list).

AFTER SUN 2 lavender, Roman camomile, ylang ylang. 4.60
DRY SKIN jojoba, lavender, geranium, Roman camomile. 4.60
FOOT BALM lavender, peppermint, myrrh, juniper, cypress. 4.60
FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH  frankincense Indian (B. Serrata), myrrh. 4.95
GARDENER'S HAND CREAM lavender, myrrh, camomile Roman, ho wood. 4.90
INSECT REPELLENT lemongrass, spike lavender, eucalyptus, cedarwood Virginian, thyme. 4.35
KNITTER'S HAND CREAM lavender, myrrh, camomile Roman, ho wood. 4.90
MUSCLES & JOINTS lavender, rosemary, marjoram, juniper. 4.60
MUSCLES & JOINTS 2 eucalyptus, ginger, marjoram, Roman camomile. 4.60
STRETCH MARKS  lavender, mandarin, frankincense. 4.60
THREAD VEINS cypress, lemon, Roman camomile, rose absolute. 4.80

NB Alternative spellings or names
After Sun or Aftersun
Camomile or chamomile.
Cardamom or cardomom or cardomon.
Frankincense and Myrrh cream - Boswellia and Commiphora cream. (The frankincense species used is Boswellia Serrata, aka Indian frankincense - ask me if you want it with B. Carteri instead).
Ho Wood is sometimes called Ho Leaf - may be distilled from either, or both plus twigs.
Oregano is also commonly known as origanum.
Ravensara or ravansara or ravintsara. The botanical name for this has also been given as Ravensara Aromatica. There are two different trees used for oil production, but there is much confusion over naming of species. See Tony Burfield's article (on his website). 
Vetiver or vetivert.

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