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BALKAN ROM (GYPSY) inc. Šaban Bajramovic, Ljiljana Buttler, Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Ferus Mustafov, Romica Puceanu, Yuri Yunakov.

BALKAN (GENERAL) inc. Laver Bariu, Tirana Folk Ensemble, Zlatne Uste Brass Band.

EUROPE (GENERAL) inc. La Musgana, Varttina.

INTERNATIONAL (GENERAL) inc. Loreena McKennitt, Monks of Keur Moussa Monastery, Deva Premal..

IRISH FOLK inc.  Bothy Band,  The Chieftains, Clannad, Enya, Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane, Orion, Touchstone.

GREEK inc. Eleftheria Arvanitaki, George Dalaras, Ross Daly, Melina Kana, Kostas Pavlidis.

UK FOLK inc. Blowzabella, Capercaillie, The Duellists, Nigel Eaton & Andy Cutting, John McCusker, Talitha McKenzie, Runrig, Kate Rusby, Talitha McKenzie.

USA inc. Nightnoise.


CIRCLE DANCE SOURCE CDs for individual dances - mainly modern choreographies so far, as they are usually danced to just one original track. This is a work in progress, first published on 31.10.05. I started the list with my own dances but am continuing to add more by other choreographers. Click on the link in the "CD page" column to go to the page with the display info for the CD. There are also other CDs for sale by some of the artists.

PLEASE NOTE Tracks marked * can not be played direct from the originals for dance as they run directly into other tracks - you need to copy and edit e.g. fade-in/out or cut. Some originals may shorter than "dance versions" which may have been lengthened by dance teachers.

For details of many other choreographies of mine not listed below, see DANCE & MUSIC.

An Dro Retournée Breton Changerais-tu, Spiorad, Talitha McKenzie. Modern version with extra instrumental breaks. UK FOLK
Antice Paul Boizot Antice, East Wind, Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane. Original recording has an extra bar part way through. IRISH FOLK buy mp3
Arrival Hazel Young Arrival, The Blood Is Strong, Capercaillie. UK FOLK
Autumn Gold Hazel Young A Different Shore, A Different Shore, Nightnoise. USA
Bard Dance Adrian Pointon Bard Dance, The Celts, Enya. IRISH FOLK buy mp3
Butterfly Jig (fast) Paul Boizot The Butterfly, The Bothy Band, The Bothy Band. IRISH FOLK
Calum's Road Cindy Kelly Calum's Road, The Blood Is Strong, Capercaillie. UK FOLK
Celtic Spirit Adrian Pointon Blue Bonnets Over The Border/Khazi, Yella Hoose, John McCusker. UK FOLK
Crusade Cindy Kelly Alasdair Mhic Cholla, The Blood Is Strong, Capercaillie. UK FOLK
Dancing Druids Adrian Pointon Whistling Low/Errigal, Common Ground, Davy Spillane & Donal Lunny. CD is compilation by various artists. IRISH FOLK
Dark Night, Green Grass Paul Boizot Dark Night, Green Grass, Music From Latvia (compilation - originally from The Most Beautiful Songs), Ainars Mielavs. EUROPE buy mp3
Ever-Flowing Spring Paul Boizot The Willow Runnel*, A Richer Dust, Blowzabella. UK FOLK buy mp3
Fairytale Adrian Pointon Fairytale, The Celts, Enya. IRISH FOLK buy mp3
Gratitude (aka Nu Alrest) Rikki Nu Alrest, Rumba Argelina, Radio Tarifa. EUROPE
Green Grow The Rushes O Hazel Young The Primrose Lass/The Keel Row/Green Grow The Rushes), Jealousy, Touchstone. IRISH FOLK buy mp3
Hoireann O Paul Boizot Hoireann O, Sòlas, Talitha MacKenzie. Original recording has an extra half-bar part way through. UK FOLK buy mp3
The Ice House Rosey Fagg Icehouse Schottisches, Panic At The Cafe, Nigel Eaton & Andy Cutting. UK FOLK buy mp3
Isoun Theos Lesley Laslett Isoun Theos (You Were A God), A Portrait, George Dalaras. The sound sample at Amazon sounds as if it may be a different recording from the choreographed one - studio instead of live? GREEK buy mp3
Journey Cindy Kelly Emma & Jamie's Wedding, Yella Hoose, John McCusker. UK FOLK buy mp3
Kairos Cindy Kelly Breisleach (Delirium), To The Moon, Capercaillie. Also on "An Introduction To Capercaillie".
UK FOLK buy mp3
Kritikos Used as alt. music by Rufus Maychild. Improvisation with Rababa & Sarangi, Selected Works, Ross Daly. Long track - 9.50 inc. intro. GREEK
Light Of The World Hazel Young Prologue, The Book Of Secrets, Loreena McKennitt. INTERNATIONAL
Morgana Cindy Kelly Ferny Hill, The Long Black Veil, The Chieftains. IRISH FOLK
Mystic Mage Adrian Pointon Cavan Potholes, Common Ground, Sharon Shannon. CD is compilation by various artists. IRISH FOLK
Nu Alrest (aka Gratitude) Rikki Nu Alrest, Rumba Argelina, Radio Tarifa. EUROPE
Ocean Cycle Cindy Kelly Cearcal A Chuain, The Highland Connection, Runrig. UK FOLK
Om Namo Bhagavata Hazel Young Om Namo Bhagavata, Embrace, Deva Premal. INTERNATIONAL
Pasodobles De Zamora Paul Boizot Pasodobles De Zamora, Lubican, La Musgaña. EUROPE
Rhiannon's Reel Cindy Kelly Ceol An Dannsa, Runrig Play Gaelic, Runrig. UK FOLK
Rí Na Cruinne Paul Boizot Rí Na Cruinne, Anam, Clannad. IRISH FOLK buy mp3
Seelinnikoi Paul Boizot Seelinnikoi, Seleniko, Värttinä. EUROPE buy mp3
The Ride Paul Boizot The Duellists, The Duellists, The Duellists (!) (Nigel Eaton, Cliff Stapleton, Cliff Walshaw, Ian Luff). Rosey Fagg's dance "Smudger" also uses this music. UK FOLK
Senegal Chant Jill Welfare Wis Ma Ndoh (Asperges Me), Sacred Chant and African Rhythms from Senegal, the Monks of Keur Moussa Monastery. INTERNATIONAL  
Shadow Warrior Adrian Pointon Cuchulainn, Celtic Mystery Vol.2, Ron Korb. (CD is compilation by various artists). IRISH FOLK buy mp3
Sho Heen Adrian Pointon Sho Heen, Sleepless, Kate Rusby. UK FOLK buy mp3
Sir Eglamore Adrian Pointon Sir Eglamore, Hourglass, Kate Rusby. UK FOLK
Smudger Rosey Fagg The Duellists, The Duellists, The Duellists (!) (Nigel Eaton, Cliff Stapleton, Cliff Walshaw, Ian Luff). Paul Boizot's dance "The Ride" also uses this music. UK FOLK
Song Of Summer Hazel Young Bobby Casey's Tune, 1990, Orion IRISH FOLK
Snake Waltz Hazel Young Adders Waltz, Panic At The Cafe, Nigel Eaton & Andy Cutting. UK FOLK
Spread Your Wings And Fly Hazel Young Spread Your Wings And Fly, Songs Of A Greek Gypsy, Kostas Pavlidis. GREEK
Solus Adrian Pointon Solus M'Aigh, Celtic Mystery Vol.2, Blair Douglas (CD is compilation by various artists) IRISH FOLK
The Sun In The Stream Adrian Pointon The Sun In The Stream, The Celts, Enya. IRISH FOLK
Tidings Of Comfort And Joy Hazel Young God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, A Winter Garden, Loreena McKennitt. INTERNATIONAL
To Polaplo Sou Idollo (Your many Faces) Hazel Young To Polaplo Sou Idollo, Live and Unplugged, George Dalaras. GREEK  
Travuska Used by Paul Boizot as alt. music for "Dark Misirlou", also by Andy Bettis as alt. for "Ivoushki" Travuska, Aitara, Varttina. EUROPE
Truvisqueira Paul Boizot Truvisqueira, Lubican, La Musgaña. EUROPE buy mp3

* these tracks can not be played direct from the originals for dance as they run directly into other tracks - you need to copy and edit e.g. fade-in/out or cut. 

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